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The Logistics Council offers a series of educational seminars and facilities tours each program year, which runs from September to June.  Through our events, we provide Supply Chain professionals with career development opportunities to share best practices, discuss industry trends and news that affect their businesses, and a chance to network with peers.

Our organization is funded largely through registration fees and not membership fees.  Programs are planned and delivered by Supply Chain professionals who volunteer their time and talent to give back to our community.  We encourage students, our future workforce and business leaders in the community, to pursue careers in Supply Chain through educational outreach and scholarship, which is paid by program registration fees and scholarship fundraising.

The Logistics Council is a chapter of Delta Nu Alpha, an international transportation and logistics fraternity which gives us non-profit status, as well as a membership option.  Membership is not required to attend our events.

We look forward to seeing you at future programs!

Steve Rose, President
The Logistics Council, Milwaukee Roundtable